Inventory Management

Cut your inventory time in half and gain tangible insights from your inventory numbers by tracking them over time.

Inventory Management is available in these products:
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Popular Features

Unlimited Storage Areas

Have multiple storage spaces, walk-ins, or bars? Create as many storage locations as you need so that your BevSpot account reflects your real life setup.

Custom sorting

Set up your storage locations and organize items like they sit on the shelves in your bar or kitchen. You can even resort to view items alphabetically.

Collaborative input

Enjoy the ability to have multiple kitchen or bar staff members taking inventory on their own devices at once.

Inventory Slider and Calculator

Use the Inventory Slider for a more visual and intuitive way to take inventory, especially built for bottles. Easily switch to the calculator to input food and beverage by unit or weight.

Historical filter and search

Find that special bottle of whiskey faster by filtering and searching for any item in a current or past inventory.

Offline Mode

Your entire count now works offline in those areas of your restaurant that may not get great service, like your basement or walk-in.


Set and utilize pars to ensure consistent inventory levels and track them over time.

Add to Cart from Inventory

Start building your Cart straight from an inventory count as soon as you know something is getting low.

Count by weight or unit

Flexible units allow you to weigh kegs, bottles, cans, and food items, or count them by units or cases.


Multi-location businesses can easily log transfers between locations.

Automated Reports

Excess Inventory Reporting

BevSpot’s Excess Inventory reports will alert you to overstocked product and identify opportunities to save money.

Unused Inventory Reporting

Understand what’s sitting on the shelf and how much it’s worth.

Usage Reporting

Know what product you went through in any given period with Usage Reporting, based on inventory and ordering data.

Loss Reporting

Flexible categories allow you to record any form of loss, whether it’s breakage, spills, spoilage, or comps.

Transfer Reporting

Easily search a date range to find transfer records between any locations.

“I use an iPad to take inventory now, which makes it really easy. I like how you can set up the order of your inventory. I set it up in BevSpot just as everything sits on the shelf, making it really simple.”

Derrick Van Der Jagt, General Manager
The Brewer’s Cabinet

“BevSpot streamlined our inventory process and made it a whole lot easier. I can now do our entire club in the course of four hours, when it used to take me two days!”

Timothy Gallant, Dining Room Manager and Sommelier
Black Rock Country Club

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