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Inventory Management

Cut your kitchen and bar inventory time in half

Fast, collaborative input

You and your team can use BevSpot to take inventory across your entire kitchen and bar, at the same time, all saved to the cloud.

Count offline

Offline Mode lets you keep counting your bottles and kegs, or cases and cartons—even in places without an internet connection.

Log Transfers

Chef orders lemons and limes for the kitchen, but you also use them in the bar. Transfer that inventory data from the kitchen to the bar with ease.

“I would start inventory around noon on a Sunday and finish everything, including inventory and ordering, at around two a.m… Now, with BevSpot, it takes me three hours for everything, tops.”

Dan Givens, Beverage Director
Morningside Kitchen Restaurant and Bar
Purchasing and Invoice Management

Streamline purchases and organize your records for good

“In the food and beverage world, time is very valuable. Instead of having to spend time with each vendor to see what is available, it can be all done with the click of a button.”

Ryan Vermillion, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
Marriott at University of Dayton, Concord Hospitality
Sales Performance Insights & Reporting

Make informed data-driven decisions

Analyze costs and maximize your menu for profitability across both the kitchen and bar.

Detailed Usage Reports help you identify variance, including over-pours, loss, and food spoilage.

Interactive sales reports identify your top performers, what’s not selling, and how you can adjust your menu to increase profits.

“We were figuring out what we weren’t selling and getting rid of it. BevSpot allows us to keep track of exactly what we’re using weekly and improved our liquor costs by a 3–4% profit.”

Oran McGonagle, Operations Manager
East Coast Tavern Group
Enterprise Dashboard

Manage your entire hotel or restaurant group with the Enterprise Dashboard

Quick switch between accounts without needing to remember multiple usernames, perfect for food and beverage directors managing multiple locations.

Compare performance across your locations, including sitting inventory, ordering, usage, and sales.

Control employee-level permissions for your kitchen and bar staff, across each location, and across the entire group.

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Country clubs, hotels, and restaurant groups of all sizes use BevSpot to streamline their entire food & beverage program across multiple locations. Learn how the best in the business manage it all with BevSpot.

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