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Seabear Oyster Bar

On the surface, the story of Seabear Oyster Bar seems like an unassuming one. However, upon deeper inspection, you’ll find that its calm nature is by design and doesn’t take away from its success. Seabear opened in 2014 and is the sister establishment of the successful Mediterranean-focused high-end concept The National. In perfect contrast to its sibling, Seabear provides a lively, intimate and friendly neighborhood spot for the residents of Athens, GA, offering local, sustainably sourced seafood paired with an extensive cocktail, wine and craft beer program.

297 Prince Ave Suite 10
Athens, GA 30601
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The Goal

Hunt Revell, the bar manager of Seabear Oyster Bar, made a transition to Seabear from his previous duties at The National. He began looking for solutions that would enable him to get a firm handle on his new bar program as well as move away from his previous experiences with a frustrating and antiquated pen-and-paper spreadsheet system.

Key Results
Inventory time reduced to less than one hour
Significant reduction in sitting inventory
Improved and more efficient ordering process
Getting Set Up with BevSpot

After making the move to Seabear, Hunt quickly realized a couple of things: He didn’t have a lot of experience handling the financial ends of a bar, and he didn’t want to spend the rest of his days stuck in Excel spreadsheets. As a working bar manager, he also did not want to have to spend an excessive amount of time in the office working the numbers.

Hunt immediately found some problems with the health of Seabear’s bar program: The sitting inventory wasn’t being managed well, and the program was seeing excessive wasted product as a result. Solving this issue while adjusting to the demands of Seabear’s extensive bar program and its faster pace of service was a major challenge for Hunt. It was also difficult for Hunt to organize the product orders because Seabear works with more than a dozen distributors.

Thankfully, after coming across BevSpot and seeing the product in action during a demo, Hunt was confident that he found the solution to his problems. After signing up, he worked hand-in-hand with the customer implementation team to get everything set up.

[The implementation process] was kind of fun. [The BevSpot team] was on the ground with any question I had, and it was handled very quickly and efficiently.”

Even after being onboarded, Hunt appreciates the continued communication he receives from the BevSpot team.

[The customer success team] came to me recently with a sales analytics update. I like being kept in the loop of how the product is developing and would love to use more parts of it as we move along.”


The Outcome

After fully installing BevSpot, Hunt saw immediate improvements across his entire bar program and had an increased confidence in oversight. One area he was able to target was Seabear’s previous problems with standing inventory.

I feel like BevSpot made it easier for me to get on top of it quicker and take the bar to the next level in terms of control of the bar product. They really set it up for me. I have the bar numbers on lock-down thanks to BevSpot.”

Hunt has also been pleased with the ease of ordering through the BevSpot platform. He’s seen added improvements to that specific process that he didn’t expect going in, as well.

Sometimes I’ll do an order and get a note that says, ‘Hey, did you notice that the distributor has a vacation message this week?’ Then I’ll know to call their boss to make sure the order gets in. That comes within hours of me sending an order. It fixes a problem that I wouldn’t have even noticed otherwise.

Seabear Oyster Bar - Interior

As a bar manager who is tasked with working three to five shifts on the bar each week, BevSpot has also enabled Hunt to focus more on his work as a bartender.

[BevSpot] lets me do my night job without a bunch of hassle on the other end. It allows me to maximize the amount of money I can make personally and use my time the way I want to.”

As an intuitive, user-friendly system, BevSpot allows Hunt to take the time off that he needs without worrying if it will affect his bar’s performance.

I was easily able to transfer what I was doing in BevSpot to other bartenders. I was able to show them how to do the inventory and I had pars already set up, so it was easy for them to get in and see what we needed. [BevSpot] is ultimately more bar-manager friendly because you can walk away from it and still hit the numbers you want.”

Even with all these added benefits, Hunt attributes the success he has had with BevSpot to one thing: Overall improved efficiency in both time and finances.

It’s just more efficient to use BevSpot than to miss out on bar program goals. It lets me handle the things I need to do well in a non-stressful way, so that I can focus on the creative stuff.”

“I have the bar numbers on lock-down thanks to BevSpot. ”

Hunt Revell
Bar Manager

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