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Morningside Kitchen

After a much anticipated opening in March of 2016, Morningside Kitchen Restaurant and Bar has been delighting the citizens of Atlanta, GA. The team behind Morningside has created simple, modern American fare and an exciting beverage program, made up of draft cocktails, craft beers, nitro coffee, and a sizeable wine list.

1397 North Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
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The Goal

Dan is the Bar Manager at Morningside Kitchen. After using BevSpot to manage the beverage program at Murphy’s Restaurant, a concept under the same ownership, it was time for Dan to launch a new restaurant with BevSpot by his side. His goal was to streamline operations at both locations, while saving himself time and his owner money.

So, what’s it like opening a brand new location with BevSpot? Let’s find out.

Key Results
illustration faster inventory
Inventory Time Cut from 14 hours to 3
illustration drink price
Seamless launch of new beverage program
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Managing two bars at once, from anywhere
Why They Needed Help

Dan first implemented BevSpot while running the beverage program at Murphy’s. “We were using a combination of spreadsheets and a different restaurant management software, one that had been around for 17 years that we weren’t happy with. The biggest issue was mainly time consumption; it took me a whole day of receiving invoices, writing down and coding everything, receiving the product, putting it all onto the spreadsheet and entering it one-by-one into the computer system.”

I would start inventory around noon on a Sunday and finish everything, including inventory and ordering, at around two a.m… Now, with BevSpot, it takes me three hours for everything, tops.”

I’ve worked with all the other software programs, and this is the best you can use.”
How They Use BevSpot

After implementing BevSpot at Murphy’s Restaurant, the owners didn’t need to hire another bar manager to take Dan’s place when he went to open Morningside Kitchen for them. “With BevSpot, I can actually do a lot of their beverage management from home or from Morningside, instead of Murphy’s having to hire another salary position to do the ordering and inventory at their location.”

Here’s how he does it: “On Sunday nights, we do inventory. I have one bartender in each location count everything, in the back and in the storage room, using BevSpot. And then once we close Morningside, I count everything behind the bar and the rest wherever we have it, so that’s why we’ve been able to finish so quickly. And we’re all logged in at the same time—they’re doing it on their phones and I’m doing it on my phone. It’s so much easier.”

It beats using a scanner because obviously there’s only one, they’re expensive, sometimes they don’t upload… Trust me, I’ve worked with all the other systems and this is the best one out there.”

I do all the ordering from home. And my reps love it— it’s easier for them because I’m not writing individual emails or taking up their time on the phone.”
Opening a New Bar

Dan was setting up the new beverage program for Morningside while also managing it at Murphy’s, on top of planning wine tastings and the work schedule and doing general management and front-of-house duties. “It was definitely a lot easier to open a brand new restaurant using BevSpot from the start. All the product we had at Murphy’s, we’d been sitting on for years and years—we weren’t even sure where we got it from or who ordered it—so there was a lot of clean-out when we got set up. But I was happy to do that because it was cutting down my labor a lot. So, getting set up with a brand new restaurant was easy.”


The BevSpot team has been amazing. I’ve never dealt with anybody in this industry who returned my phone calls. And Trevor (Dan’s dedicated BevSpot representative) answers at least 95% of the time, and if he can’t, he gets back to me ASAP, so the customer support has just been awesome.”


The Results

Dan is managing multiple locations on BevSpot, so when an employee tells him he’s out of a product, he can quickly check his phone and say, “No, according to this, I have it here, here and here.”

Locating product is much easier now—we’re no longer overlooking things or ordering more when we didn’t actually need to spend money on it.”

Being a Front of House Manager, Dan’s time is valuable, especially when he’s trying to make sure everything is properly set up for a brand new restaurant. “It’s important for me to not waste time on things I probably would be wasting my time on if it weren’t for BevSpot. Using the ‘Smartpar’ system, where it goes ahead and automatically populates my orders for me, it’s saved me so much time and trouble.”

Aside from making my life easier and giving me more time to do things that I haven’t had time for before, my quality of life has just gotten much better.”

“I can't tell you how much your program has helped me, and I'm bragging about it to everyone I know in the business.”

Dan Givens
Beverage Director

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