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East Coast Tavern Group

With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, the team behind Boston’s East Coast Tavern Group (ECTG) streamlines bar operations at all four of its premier dining and drinking establishments in the heart of Boston.

6B Lounge
6 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02108
Carrie Nation
11 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02108
Emmets Boston
6 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02108
25 School St.
Boston, MA 02108
The Goal
The Goal

As the Bar Manager of a rapidly expanding restaurant group in the heart of Boston, Oran McGonagle wanted to implement a software solution that allowed him to see data insights behind the bar across all of his locations. His goal was to streamline operations in all four of his bar and restaurant concepts to allow his staff to run their bar programs more efficiently. The group had tried implementing alternative inventory solutions before, but nothing seemed to meet their needs as a complex, growing business.

Key Results

In 2015, after implementing BevSpot, ECTG saw the following operational improvements:


Improvement on pour costs


Reduction in time spent on inventory


Bar Managers hitting performance-based bonuses
The BevSpot Solution

Prior to BevSpot, ECTG had implemented an inventory management system that did not improve efficiency behind the bar: “Our original solution worked for what it was, but its time had passed. Needing our own individual handheld system and allowing for only one person to take inventory when I’ve got two other people running around the bar—it wasn’t efficient.”

McGonagle knew there had to be something better:

It’s not just about using technology. It’s about ease of use.”

In early 2015, 6B Lounge’s Bar Manager Oran McGonagle presented ownership with BevSpot, a technology solution that would streamline bar management operations while also providing the data insights to increase profitability and efficiency behind the bar.

Initiating BevSpot in one location to start, ownership was immediately pleased with the platform:

Unlike our previous solution, it’s on your phone and everyone can help out with doing inventory…with BevSpot, we’re now driving down, we’re looking at costs. When we build a drink, we can literally build a drink in the platform and then at the end of the year we can go back and look at the variance and say ‘we sold this.’”

A Complimentary Solution

Knowing that the right technology solutions can work, ownership also implemented, which helps him manage invoices across the whole group. is tailored to each of my locations. You can dump as many invoices into it as you need and it talks to Quickbooks. The integration with Quickbooks is the whole basis of the solution. We started using BevSpot and around the same time and I fought for both of them. And I’m happy I did. It’s not just me either; I’ve got a happy accountant too.”

These solutions are making the job easier on the entire team. They’re happier, and we’re getting better data out of it so I’m happier. And the bonus is that we’re saving money. What could be better?”
Changing the Life of a Bar Manager

The transparency of seeing the numbers in BevSpot has allowed Bar Manager, Oran McGonagle to hit his performance-based bonuses 100% of the time since implementing BevSpot.

McGonagle, who wanted to move away from pen and paper, noticed that the group’s previous solution was creating extra unneeded work.

BevSpot was exactly what I wanted and exactly what the company needed. It’s easy to train my employees to use it and they get to see that we’re really checking these numbers. And it’s not just a piece of paper that you throw away. There are actual records of what’s going on in the business—like what we pour versus what we’re selling.”

By taking inventory and placing orders directly through BevSpot’s web application, McGonagle has been able to cut his inventory and ordering time by 70%.


It wasn’t long before the group implemented BevSpot in its three other locations,

We were figuring out what we weren’t selling and getting rid of it. BevSpot allows us to keep track of exactly what we’re using weekly,” says McGonagle, who attributes increased profitability to ordering only what the bar needs and rapidly reducing sitting inventory: “BevSpot improved our liquor costs by a 3–4% profit.”

It’s not only the Bar Manager who notices the savings. ECTG is extremely happy with the results:

I’m not going to put a number out there, but let me just say the savings are substantial. I’ll just tell you, it works.”

As the group continues to expand, the team looks forward to implementing BevSpot in new locations:

BevSpot is not just a vendor, it’s a partner.”

Even if I was a smaller business, I’d pay for BevSpot in a heartbeat because it gives me the advantage of knowing what’s going on.”

“I haven’t missed a bonus since I started using BevSpot.”

Oran McGonagle
Bar Manager, 6B Lounge

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