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2-Minute Tuesdays: Accountability Through Adaptive Training

By Trevor Bernatchez

Keeping your staff accountable doesn’t mean hovering over their shoulders all the time...

2MT - Adaptive Training


In our most recent edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays, Sr. Manager of Customer Education Trevor Bernatchez, talks about the importance of being able to adapt your training program to meet the needs of every new employee. Read on to learn more, or watch the whole video (~2 mins) above.


Keeping your staff accountable doesn’t mean hovering over their shoulders all the time. It means that through an organized, detailed training program, you teach the proper processes and procedures that you have put into place to create a highly functional and professional environment. This will make sure you can take days off, and keep things moving along exactly as they would if you were there yourself.

The best ways to do this is to provide training and resources for your staff…

Something important to remember is everybody you bring onto the team is going to learn slightly differently from one another, so building an adaptive training program that is geared towards results will be massively helpful to you.

Above all else, you are here to help them succeed, and the sooner they sense that, the sooner you will have earned their trust. Make sure you’re able to pinpoint what will work best with each individual on your team, and adapt the format of the trainings to fit their learning style. Set up some peer-to-peer trainings and encourage team members to shadow one another to learn new skills behind the bar.

Personally, I’ve always found that a steady dose of direct teaching combined with giving trainees certain tasks to complete on their own by the end of the training period have gotten me the best results historically.

Putting the onus on them for some things will not only free you up a few minutes here and there, but also let you see how well they take initiative, and give you a better visual into how they will function within your team.

Checklists are a great way to keep training moving along, and keep organization at a high level while you are away from the restaurant...


You can literally build out checklists for any procedure you want, but one of the most common ones are for opening and closing the restaurant.

Building out detailed checklists for both opening and closing the restaurant will be really valuable because it makes sure you repeatedly set up for success every single day.

There are so many things that cannot be controlled in a bar, so anywhere you are able to build some repeatable structure into the day to day you should be doing this. 



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