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The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

By Stephen Ngo

While Florida often has a…troubled reputation in the rest of the country, we at BevSpot are going to try to be more constructive.

After all, the state plays host to a community of BevSpot power users. It’s a useful thing to have when we’re looking for a watering hole from which to escape the New England winter cold.

We’ve previously looked at the most popular beer and liquor brands in areas across the country, including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Texas. Let’s take a look at what Florida BevSpot users are ordering to stock their bars.

The following material aggregates alcoholic beverage order data from dozens of Florida BevSpot users during the first six months of 2017. All figures represent percentages of orders in dollar terms.

The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

While BevSpot orders nationally are about 43% spirit and 31% beer, in Florida they’re 52% spirit and 23% beer. So, while a similar proportion represent wine orders both regionally and nationally, Florida BevSpot users appear to be moving much more liquor and much less beer as a proportion of their overall beverage programs.

This may be reflective of regional preferences for beer relative to other beverages.

The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

Among Florida BevSpot users, perennial beer market leaders Bud Light and Miller are relegated to fifth and seventh. Corona and Stella Artois are the regional leaders here, with state order shares more than twice that of their national ones. Budweiser and Yuengling, too, are disproportionately popular in the state.

A Local Beer Favorite

Of the top seven beer brands, a single local beer brand manages to rank amongst its mass market competitors: Funky Buddha. The Oakland Park, FL-based brewer is quite popular among Miami BevSpot users, showing its presence as a clear regional favorite.

The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

The three most popular liquor types on BevSpot—whiskey, vodka, and tequila & mezcal—are slightly more popular among Florida bars. Each has around a couple percentage points more of Florida spirit orders than of national spirit orders.

In contrast, cordials & liqueurs appear to be less popular among these same users.

The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

The four most popular whiskey brands nationally are also the most popular among Florida bars. Jameson and Jack Daniel’s, the two most popular, intensify their dominance of this market segment here. Jameson, in particular, accounts for over 20% of whiskey orders.

An Interesting Note on Buffalo Trace

Interestingly, while Buffalo Trace isn’t among the top whiskey brands nationally, it has a Florida order share triple that of the rest of the country. This makes it the fifth most popular in the region.

The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

Tito’s, always the dominant vodka among U.S. BevSpot users, represents over 35% of vodka orders in Florida.

That’s 2.5 times the share of its closest competitor, Deep Eddy—which at 14% of Florida vodka orders, is apparently disproportionately popular in the state. The opposite is apparently true of Ketel One and Grey Goose, which account for slightly less a proportion of vodka orders in the state than in the rest of the country.

The Most Popular Beers and Liquors in Florida Bars

Our Florida order data presents the biggest surprise in the tequila & mezcal segment, where Corazon tequila takes first place at 20% of orders (despite having almost no presence outside of Florida). We advise you serve that takeaway with a grain of salt: a small number of Florida users appear to be responsible for almost all orders for Corazon.

Julio vs. Patron

The four other tequila brands among Florida BevSpot bars, however, are much less surprising. Interestingly, Don Julio accounts for more of regional tequila orders than Patron does, which isn’t true nationally (Patron is typically the leading tequila brand). The data does suggest that Don Julio is more popular among Mexican-themed bars; this seems to imply that similar tastes might be better represented among Florida bars.

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