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How BevSpot Helps Bars in Control States

Here at BevSpot, we create software to help people in the food and beverage industry be better at what they do. So, every day, we’re on the phone with bar and restaurant owners and managers all over the country. When we’re in the process of acquiring new customers, we’re occasionally asked if our product works Read the full article…

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The Best Technology for Running a Restaurant or Bar

Run a successful business with these digital tools. If most of your life is managed online, why should your bar or restaurant be any different? In today’s age of technology, there are thousands of apps and digital solutions that can simplify payment, create employee schedules, book reservations, reveal important customer data, facilitate mobile payments, streamline inventory, Read the full article…

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The Rising Popularity of Bartender Podcasts

We take a look at the growing influence of podcasts as a resource for bartenders. When we spoke to Brian Weber from Bartender Journey, he was busy mixing cocktails for a new photoshoot. He rattled off a list of ingredients: American brandy, red vermouth, apricot preserve, orange bitters, and some muddled grapes. “Sounds pretty good, Read the full article…

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9 Essential Features For Your Bar’s Website

Effective website design is critical for marketing a bar or restaurant. Today, most diners research restaurants online before visiting in person. They usually search when they’re on-the-go, looking for an easy-to-read page that can quickly tell them the essentials, while also giving them a feel for what your place is all about. While a professionally-designed website Read the full article…