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How it works

First, we’ll get you set up, for free

We'll set up your account with all of your inventory products, ensuring you’re using the best features of BevSpot for your particular establishment.

Streamlined Ordering

Our ordering center saves you time by sending orders to all of your reps at once, and saves you money by alerting you of deals, post-offs, and discounts right in your cart.
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“I wasn’t even trained on how to use BevSpot, but you don’t need to be—
it’s so user-friendly.”

Matt White General Manager,
The Barking Crab

We keep track of it for you

Purchases are automatically added to your inventory upon delivery date, so usage calculations are correct. You can access digital invoices online anytime, from any device.

70% Faster Inventory

Take inventory on your mobile device—it’s instantly saved to the cloud so there’s no data input afterwards.
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What's the trend?

After you save your inventory, you'll be able to see usage trends. Everything is in one place, so you can access your historical records at any time.

Sales Reconciliation

Compare inventory usage to your actual POS data to uncover insights about variance and improve your pour costs. You’ll see exactly what’s performing, and what needs to be tweaked.

And it just gets better the more you use it

Over time, we'll analyze your usage, sitting inventory, and sales trends to reveal deep insights about your program, helping you to make strategic decisions to lower costs and drive profits.


Sales Hub

Reconcile your POS data with inventory to see detailed sales performance trends.

Powerful reports for insights into your sales

Our reports take your sales data and compare to your inventory counts and orders for the most comprehensive view into how your bar is performing.

Import from any POS

We take exports from virtually any POS system and map it to our software so you can get the most modern, flexible reports possible, and compare to inventory and orders taken in BevSpot.

Auto Price/Cost Your Drinks

Import or create new recipes online and accurately cost your drinks and recipes quickly by using our integrated online catalog and price list from your distributors. We’ll even suggest a price for you, based on your desired cost percentages.

Order Center

Stop guessing on quantity, taking hand-written notes, or having to manually keep track of order receipts every week—there's an easier way. Quickly create orders to your distributors from one place to better manage total spend, drive lower cost, and keep better records.

Streamlined Ordering

Quickly generate orders for all needed product from one central location.

See total costs, post-offs, bottle fees, deposits, quantity discounts and select promotions across all products to better manage weekly spend.

Simple Communication

No need to change your communication—Orders can be sent directly to your sales rep in whatever way you currently do.

Detailed account information, product descriptions and retailer notes included to avoid any confusion.

Order Analytics

Easily manage records of all spend by distributor, product type, or brand to make sure you got what you ordered and are only charged for what was received.

Reporting features to replace pen and paper and excel management.

Inventory Manager

Glean real insights from your inventory numbers by tracking them over time. Save time by taking inventory on your mobile device—track and search current and historical inventory, organize by location and see accurate usage trends.

Mobile Inventory

Save time by performing inventory on any device.

Set Pars

Set and utilize pars to ensure inventory levels and to quickly create replenishment orders.

Compute Usage

Track product usages each week to better manage inventory costs.

Close the loop

Easily combine orders and inventory numbers to better understand your bar and make better purchasing decisions.

Real Customer Results

Case Study

Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

With extensive industry experience at one of Boston’s most successful bars, Mike Shaw and Will Falaro knew how important it was to run a lean beverage program. Being a new restaurant in a highly competitive urban market, they wanted to ensure they ran the most efficient, world-class beverage program right from the start.


Cash savings in the first 6 months


Decrease in sitting inventory


Reduction in weekly ordering costs

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“The time that I can save doing inventory I can focus on other things: events, staffng, culture. BevSpot keeps my world in one place.

Will Falaro Bar Manager,
Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

“BevSpot is making the job easier on the entire team. They’re happier, and we’re getting better data out of it so I’m happier. And the bonus is that we’re saving money. What could be better?”

Cedric Adams Operations Director,
East Coast Tavern Group
Case Study

East Coast Tavern Group

With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, the team behind Boston’s East Coast Tavern Group streamlines bar operations at all four of its premier dining and drinking establishments in the heart of Boston.


Improvement in pour costs


Decrease in time spent on inventory


Bar managers hitting performance-based bonuses

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Start here

Order Center &
Inventory Manager

  • Communicate orders to all of your existing reps from a central location
  • Take inventory in your bar and storage locations with your mobile device
  • Easily export your data to Excel® at anytime
  • 100% money back guarantee.
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Sales Hub & Analytics

A complete beverage management platform for detailed analytics
  • All of Order Center & Inventory Manager, plus:
  • Automated POS reconciliations
  • Product-level liquor costing & drink pricing
  • Product-level variance analysis
  • Sales & profitability analytics
  • Unlimited users
  • Multi-user access and permissioning
+ Add-On

Group-Level Admin

  • More than one location? See how they all stack up with one convenient dashboard and flexible permissions for all employee levels.

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