Craft Cocktail Book Series

Collect our Craft Cocktail Books and explore inspired drinks with unique tastes and presentation from some of our favorite bartenders and BevSpot users.

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Craft Cocktail Book:
Starter Pack

Sixteen recipes from three of BevSpot’s earliest adopters. Ramp up your cocktail list with these innovative ingredients and techniques.

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Starter Pack

Series Bookends &
Print Instructions

Craft Cocktail Series introduction & print assembly instructions.

Volume 1
First Batch

Sixteen recipes from three of BevSpot’s earliest Boston adopters: Ryan Lotz, Paulo Pereira, and Sean Earley.

Glossary of Beverage Management Terms

The ultimate bar management index, with definitions of the most common bar industry terms and examples of their practical application.

Plus: Video Series

Craft Cocktail Videos

After you’ve downloaded the books, watch these innovative bartenders create the recipes in our how-to videos series.

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