Purchasing & Invoice Management

Make smarter purchasing decisions—send orders to vendors and keep a digital filing cabinet of offline invoices in one system.

Purchasing & Invoice Management is available in these products:
Food, Beverage, Food & Beverage

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Popular Features

Online purchasing

Order product directly from your vendors through BevSpot. Build one shopping cart for easy purchasing, then BevSpot will send a text or email to confirm your order.

Digital invoicing

Ditch the filing cabinet. Snap a photo to save your invoice right in BevSpot and input details on each item you’ve purchased or just the top line numbers.

Purchase history

Whether it’s last year or last month, look back at saved order histories. Perfect when planning orders for events or holidays.

Product history

See historical information about each product in your system, including purchase price changes and average purchase price.

Data export

Export a single purchase or invoice, or your entire order and invoice history—ideal for accounting purposes.

Purchase by weight

Purchase beef by the pound, but count every filet? Flexible units keep your data accurate and allow you to purchase how you like.

Smart Cart

Use pars or usage to ensure inventory levels and track them over time. Use the Smart Cart feature to create automatic replenishment levels.

Vendor rep communication

Email and text your vendors straight from the app, even if they’re not using BevSpot.

Automated Reports

Excess Inventory Reporting

BevSpot’s Excess Inventory reports will alert you to overstocked product and identify opportunities to save money.

Unused Inventory Reporting

Understand what’s sitting on the shelf and how much it’s worth.

Usage Reporting

Know what product you went through in any given period with Usage Reporting, based on inventory and ordering data.

Spend by brand

See a breakdown of spend by brand for each of your top brands across any time period.

Spend by vendor

See a breakdown of spend by category for each of your top vendors across any time period.

“When I go through BevSpot to check my invoices, I can immediately see if I’m missing one. Before, it was harder to tell whether or not I had them all.”

Heather Mojer, Bar Manager
State Park

“I do all the ordering from home. And my reps love it— it’s easier for them because I’m not writing individual emails or taking up their time on the phone.”

Dan Givens, Beverage Director
Morningside Kitchen

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