Sales Analytics

Better POS Data & Visualizations

Reconcile your POS data with inventory to see detailed sales performance trends—import your reports from any existing POS provider, and analyze them with BevSpot for powerful trends.


Powerful reports for insights into your sales

Our reports take your sales data and compare to your inventory counts and orders for the most comprehensive view into how your bar is performing.


Import from any POS

We take exports from virtually any POS system and map it to our software so you can get the most modern, flexible reports possible, and compare to inventory and orders taken in BevSpot.


Auto Price/Cost Your Drinks

Import or create new recipes online and accurately cost your drinks and recipes quickly by using our integrated online catalog and price list from your distributors. We’ll even suggest a price for you, based on your desired cost percentages.

All the details about sales, regardless of POS.

You can import data from your POS to get detailed analytics about sales.


Variance & Loss Analysis

See the difference between sales registered through your POS and your inventory numbers to reveal loss, or other variance.

Cost Percentages

What are your drinks costing you? Which are the best performers?

Profitability & Cost Rank

See which drinks are selling best and which cost the most.

Item- and Category-Level Stats

See all of the reporting stats about every single sales item, or for your own specified grouping to get the most complete picture of your sales.

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