The BevSpot Blog is one of the leading online publications for the restaurant and bar industry. We’re looking for freelance writers with industry experience to contribute blog posts about a wide range of issues relevant to food and beverage industry professionals.

We’re looking for freelancers who can commit at least two articles per month. Our rates start at $125 per article, with flexibility to increase for more long-form articles.

The position would be a balance of pitching articles and being receptive to story suggestions from our editor. Experience working in a bar/restaurant, or in some other area of the beverage/hospitality industry (supplier, grower, hotel management, etc.) is essential.

The article types we typically publish are:

How To—What we call ‘Tactical’ or ‘Deep Tactical’ posts, where we teach readers how to do something related to bar or restaurant management. These are valuable articles that require real experience in the industry.

Editorial—Articles covering a trend or issue pertaining to the bar and restaurant industry.

Geographical—Articles highlighting great bars and restaurants or industry news in a particular area.

Feature—A spotlight or profile article on a prominent industry professional, bar or restaurant, brewery, etc.

If you’re interested in applying for the freelance writer role for the BevSpot Blog, please submit resumes and 2-3 writing samples to