Video Guides

Our video guides provide a fast, easy, visual learning experience to help you get started in BevSpot one task at at time.




   Group Dashboard


   Price Tracker

   Usage Report

   Excess Inventory

   Unused Inventory

   Transfer Report

   Loss Report

   Prep Report


   Starting a New Draft   

   Building Storage Areas

   Adding Items

   Creating Items

   Editing Items

   Count Summary

   Using the Inventory Counter

   Counting Food Items

   Weighing Bottles for Inventory

   Offline Mode

   Custom Sort Order

   Finish Count

   Understanding Negative Usage

   Inventory History

   Adding Transfers

   Hub and Spoke Transfers

   Recording Loss

   Recording Prepared Items

   Editing a Finished Count

   Exporting Inventory Records


   Adding Items

   Creating Items

   Using Smart Cart

   Placing Orders

   Order History

   Recording Past Invoices

   Confirming Deliveries

   Invoice Upload

   Exporting Order Records


   Submitting Invoices for Processing

   Invoice Submission Errors

   Reviewing and Balancing Invoices


   Creating Sales Items

   Sales Items Needing Attention

   Editing Tax Percentage

   Category Level Sales Reports

   Item Level Sales Reports

   Sales Report Summary

   Sales Input

   Sales Performance

   Product Variance

   Understanding Variance

   First Sales Report Setup

   Submitting Sales Numbers

My Items

   My Items Page

   Bulk Editing

   My Storage Areas

   My Vendors

   Building Food Items into BevSpot 


   Account Settings


   Plans & Billing

Support & Feedback

   Support & Feedback