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Sales Docs

Everything you ever wanted to know about sales in BevSpot.

This is overview documentation to everything about sales in BevSpot, If you want a quick step-by-step approach for beginners, check out the “Guide to Sales” series instead.

Sales Overview

Your Sales Overview allows you to see some high level numbers regarding profit, pour cost, total sales from your latest set of BevSpot sales reports. This is also where you will need to come back to in order to start building any new sales report in BevSpot.

Sales Items

Build all of your recipes and single serve drinks into BevSpot just by adding the ingredients from your inventory items. Doing this will allow you to check new recipes and adjust pricing to make sure you are always maximizing your profits.

Sales Reporting by Category

With BevSpot, you’ll be able to create beautiful, high-level sales reports for your bar program that highlight your pour cost and profits across all of your inventory categories.

Submit Your POS Sales Numbers

With one of the more premium features in BevSpot, you’ll be able to submit your POS sales data to our Support team. From there, they will process them into very detailed sales reports to show you how each item you sell is performing within a certain sales cycle.

Sales Reporting by Item

After submitting your POS sales numbers to our Support team, you’ll get a detailed item by item performance, cost, and profit report so you can always know where your best performers sit within your bar program.