Feature Update: Invoice Management - March 2019

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With our latest feature, Invoice Management, you can get your delivery invoices processed for you by BevSpot. Take a quick look to see what this new feature can do for your restaurant!

NOTE: We will be releasing this feature gradually over several weeks. If you have questions on this new feature please chat with our team in your account.


Feature Update: Help Menu - March 2019

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This feature is going to turn you into a successful customer by showing you exactly where you should be focused on every screen all without having to leave your account. We’ve included Page Hints, guided walkthroughs, and even short how-to-videos that update as you move around your BevSpot account.


Feature Update: Prepared Items - January 2019

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This update is going to empower you to build, count, and report on all the prepared and batched items you serve at your restaurant. By managing your own batched items in BevSpot, you’ll get more real-time data and be able to make any necessary changes to your recipes quickly on the fly.