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Ordering Docs

Everything you need to know about ordering through BevSpot. Read a comprehensive overview of Ordering functionality, from adding distributors to confirming delivered orders.

This is overview documentation to everything about ordering, If you want a quick step-by-step approach for beginners, check out the “Getting Started with Ordering” series instead.

My Distributors

Store all of your distributors and sales rep contact info, order minimums, and delivery schedules to send all your weekly orders with one click.

Cart Builder

Start adding items to your shopping cart from here. Your items will all be organized under the distributor you get them from to keep things organized for easy ordering every week.

Placing and Recording Orders

After you’ve built your orders for the week, you can place them with all of your distributors with one click. If you’ve already called in your orders, you’ll be able to record them into BevSpot to avoid any confusion with your reps, or double deliveries you may need to return.

Order History

All of your order records will be stored in your Order History page. When your deliveries arrive at the bar, come back here with your invoices so you can update pricing and quantities of what you actually received from your distributors.

Ordering Trends

On the Order History page, you’ll be able to see and track ordering trends over time. This can help you work out better deals and contract pricing with your distributors.

Confirming Deliveries

One of the most important things you’ll be doing every week, this is the best way to make sure your pricing and quantities received in BevSpot are always accurate. Doing this regularly will always give you the most accurate usage information about your items.