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Inventory Docs

Everything you ever wanted to know about inventory in BevSpot.

This is overview documentation to everything about inventory, If you want a quick step-by-step approach for beginners, check out the “Getting Started with Inventory” series instead.

Why Taking Inventory is Important

Your inventory is your largest asset that represents a huge investment of your business’s cash that can’t be used for other purposes. Keep track of your investment by taking regular inventories with BevSpot.

Building Bar Locations

With BevSpot, you’ll be able to create digital bar locations that mimic where you actually store the items in your bar.

Assigning Items to Locations

Assign your items to your custom bar locations to set yourself up for fast, efficient inventory counts.

Adding Items

Easily add new items to your inventory by searching from our item catalog.

Creating Items

If you can’t find an item in our catalog, you’ll be able to create your own items to add into your inventory.

Editing Items

Easily edit product information about any item you carry in BevSpot.

Starting a New Inventory Draft

Start a fresh weekly or monthly inventory count with just a couple clicks.

Inventory Summary

Start and finish every new count from your Inventory Summary page where you’ll be able to see the usage of all your items from this inventory cycle.

Counting Your Items

You have two options when it comes to counting your items in BevSpot. Use the inventory calculator, or our handy slider tool that can help you match the level of liquid in each of your bottles for more accurate inventory tracking.

Creating Your Custom Sorting

BevSpot can help you create a ‘sheet to shelf’ format for each of your custom bar location for blazing fast inventories every time.

Finalizing Your Inventory

Once you are done counting all of your items, return to the Inventory Summary page to finalize your count and move on with your day.

Inventory History

All of your finalized inventories are stored here, and are easy to access if you need to make any edits, or export records for your accountant.

Recording Transfers and Spills

Making sure you are keeping track of your transfers and spills is both very important, and easy to do with BevSpot.

Exporting Inventory

Send your latest inventory off to your accountant or bookkeeper by exporting your inventory records to an Excel spreadsheet.

Editing a Finalized Inventory

Realize you made a mistake? That’s ok, you’ll be able to access any finalized inventory to make changes or edits that correct your errors.