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Recording Orders


With your BevSpot account, you can Record Orders from an invoice that you may have already placed with your vendors.

From the Main Menu:

  • Chose Ordering
  • Order History
  • Select Record New Order at the top of the page
  • Indicate which Distributor this order is from
  • Choose the Date/Time Placed and the Expected Delivery Date/Time
  • Click Record Order
  • On the Order Detail page, start by clicking Add Item to begin adding products to this order record
  • Search the catalog and add or create the items that are on this order
  • Once you are finished adding/creating, edit the pricing to match your distributor’s pricing and quantities on invoice
  • Attach your Invoice Number
  • Save Order and update the pricing when your account prompts you to do so
  • Click Confirm Delivery and select the proper Delivery Date/Time before confirming this order as delivered
  • Repeat the process with any other necessary orders