Our FAQs are based on the most asked questions of our Support Team. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please reach out to us via email, phone, or the chat feature in your account if you need more assistance.



How do I create a partial inventory?

How do I change a finished count to a partial inventory?

How is my usage calculated?


What is the difference between placing and recording orders?

How do I use the Smart Cart features in my Cart Builder?

How do I add my colleagues to the order communication?

How do I manage my vendors?


Why does it look like there are duplicates when my invoices are processed?

What does “edit match” mean? I didn’t match it myself?

What are the common failures in processing from PlateIQ?

What if I order through a vendor with several different reps?

What if my keg deposit didn’t come back how I thought it would?

Why is it asking me to save my changes? I didn’t make any changes yet?


How do I create Sales Items in BevSpot?

What do I need to process my first Item Level Sales Report?

How can I get the correct data from my POS to submit to BevSpot for processing?

How do I set up my Toast POS integration?

How do I set up my Upserve POS integration?

How do I upload my POS sales data?

Why do I need to match my POS numbers to inventory dates?

Why does usage affect my sales reports?

How can I group items in my sales reports?


What is the Usage Report?

What is the Excess Inventory Report?

What is the Unused Inventory Report?

What is the Transfer Report?

My Items:

How can I use the BevSpot Uploader to get my product info into BevSpot?

What is the My Items page, and how can it help me?


Why should I manage my Account Settings?

Why should I invite new users?

What do the permissions mean on the Users page?


How can I get trained to use BevSpot?


Can I use BevSpot outside of the United States?

Do I need an app to use BevSpot?

I’m having login issues, what do I do?

How do I turn off texting for placing orders?

What web browser should I be using?