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Taking Keg Inventory


Counting kegs is certainly one of the most ambiguous parts of running a bar program. It can get pretty confusing, but here are four ways to count kegs in inventory

All of these methods can be used in conjunction with BevSpot. Click on any method to go more in-depth with our full length blog post…


  1. The Touch-and-Guess Method: When calculating inventory usage for a bar, factoring in the keg is one aspect that many bartenders struggle with. The touch-and-guess method is the most common industry practice for measuring kegs, but it’s also the least accurate.
  2. The Keg Scale: A more precise way to measure a keg for inventory is by using a keg scale. These can be purchased from most scale manufacturers or online (just make sure to buy one that can take at least 300 pounds).
  3. The Keg Check: The Keg Check is one of the more popular gadgets used by the commercial bar industry. It’s an attachable wrench that measures the amount of beer left in a keg. After fixing the gadget to the rim of the keg, you can pull back on it, allowing the scale to read the weight of the keg, either in liters or gallons.
  4. Other Keg Readers: There are products like the Smart Strip Thermometer Reader. These are strips that can be attached to the outside of the keg and use thermometric sensing to display the level of the beer.