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Big Updates and a Redesigned Inventory Count


We’re rolling out big updates to inventory in BevSpot—now called Inventory Counts.

We’ve completely re-built the page to optimize for speed and offline counting, and we’ve made interface changes based on extensive testing with customers. It should still feel familiar, even though some things have moved around a bit. Check out everything that’s been updated:

Key changes and improvements:

Offline mode!

Your entire count now works offline—including switching between storage areas, and adding and searching for products. Just load the count page while you have an internet connection and then move throughout your count while offline.

We’ll alert you when you’re offline (below) and you’ll see a persistent indicator reminding you. When your device is reconnecting, “OFFLINE” will change to “Saving…” as it’s syncing with the server. When it says “Saved” then you’re free to close the tab.

Overall layout update: desktop, tablet, and mobile 

The new inventory count is now a full page experience: we removed the main app navigation from the left side on desktop to give you the most screen space to work with (just click the arrow in the upper left to get back to your main Inventory History screen).

Across devices, we’ve really tried to optimize the layout for counting on every type of device. Regardless of the screen size, you should have an easier time navigating around your count now: your storage area navigation is always visible on every device, and the page doesn’t need to reload when switching areas so you have instant and seamless navigation.

Inventory “locations” are now “storage areas”

Many BevSpot group users refer to their actual bars or restaurants as their “locations,” which created confusion when referring to what were formerly called “inventory locations” in BevSpot. We’ve renamed them to “storage areas,” which more accurately reflects the intent of the feature: physical areas within your bar or restaurant where you store your product, like basement, walk-in cooler, front bar or kitchen.

They’re also always visible on the screen for easy jumping around and knowing which area you’re currently editing: on desktop and large tablets they stay in the list on the left. On smaller devices, they move into scrollable tabs in the header bar.

Progress indicators and counted product value

In addition to persistently viewable storage area navigation, we now show you more information about your progress through the count. You’ll notice the progress bars which correspond to the number of rows counted, as well as the total value of your sitting inventory per location (based on your product pricing at the time of the count).

Count Summary updates:

Your Count Summary is the total count of all of your storage areas, plus your usage numbers. Aside from a facelift, this page has a few new features:

Edit count totals from the summary page

An oft-requested feature, you can now edit your storage area counts from the Count Summary. Just click on the “total count” input to open a new panel that shows all of the places that any item is stored, and the corresponding count. You can also add items to any storage areas from this view.

Add to cart and edit pars from the summary page

Added by popular demand: you can now add products directly to your cart from your inventory count. Click the “Add to cart” button and we’ll add a single instance of an item to your cart (which you can update while in your cart).

You can also view and edit your pars directly from your Count Summary page. (We’ve done away with the Bar Manager page, and distributed it’s functionality across these new Inventory Count pages and My Items. Now that functionality is everywhere you need it without going to another page.) Also by popular demand: all of the pars now represent a single establishment-wide number—no more needing to break down pars by storage area.

Checking usage

You can sort by usage on the Count Summary page, and we’ll alert you if you have any negative usage numbers when you go to finish your count. Plus, it’s easy to correct any counting errors that negative usage may suggest now that you can edit all of your storage area totals right from the summary screen.

Adding products is way faster

You can add products in much the same ways you did before—but now search suggestions are virtually instant.

Use the search bar in the header on any count page to filter the page view, and simultaneously see suggested items appear at the bottom of your page. If none of your saved items match the search, you can click one button to search the catalog for that term. (Full catalog search isn’t supported in offline mode yet, but searching all of your already saved items is!)

Assign items screen

Previously, “unassigned items” lived at the top of the table on your Count Summary. Now, it’s available from anywhere in a modal, with better functionality. You can easily bulk add items to multiple storage area at once, or go one-by-one. 

We’ll automatically show you this screen whenever we detect that you’ve added items to your account that aren’t in any of your storage areas in BevSpot (like after you’ve received a delivery of new items), but you can also access this anytime in the “more” menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Rearrange by count order

There’s a little hidden feature in the “more” menu (in the upper right corner) called “Arrange Storage Area by Edited.” This allows you to preview the order in which you counted your items so you can update your custom sort order.

This is useful if you’re trying to keep a “sheet-to-shelf” model where you just count left-to-right as you scroll down the app, but maybe you’re just setting up a new storage area for the first time, or maybe you’re swapping in a bunch of new product and your list got out of order.

Regardless, this is a pretty handy feature that our Customer Success team has been using for a while—now it’s available to you.

You can still drag-and-drop while you’re in the preview mode so it’s easier to organize how you please.

New “Finish Count” summary

Finish Count” is now always viewable in the lower left corner of the screen (it used to be called “Finalize” and it was only available on the Summary page.) 

When you go to finish, we’ll alert you about negative usage with a quick link to investigate it on the Count Summary page.

You’ll also get another chance to add notes or edit the count information before you file the count away.

So, what do you think?

We’ve been testing with a select group of early adopters and beta testers over the past few weeks and have already integrated a ton of their suggestions and feedback into the launch version. We’re always looking for more ideas and insights—our product is made for you, so tell us what you want!

Use the Contact link in the main nav of your account to fill out the feedback form—we read every single submission and will followup with you if you check that option.

We hope this all makes taking inventory faster and easier than ever, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.


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