From the BOH software (RDC Navigator):

  1. Click Reports on the left panel of the screen
  2. From the Table of Contents, Choose the Food Cost Analysis reporting option
  3. Then, Select Date Range that corresponds with any 2 of your BevSpot Inventory dates
  4. Below that you should see Minor Percentages based on: Choose Minor Subtotals
  5. Below that you should see Category Selections, which should have checkboxes next to all of your Food/Liquor Categories. You can exclude any food categories here.
  6. Once you are finished editing your settings, click Print Report which will prompt a new window
  7. In that new window, click “Send to file” which will save the report in a .txt file. Standard when saving any file to your computer- save it in your preferred location (If unsure: Save to desktop) and name it whatever you’d like and save it (the save button might be labeled Open)
  8. From there, the .txt report will be saved to your desktop, and for this first report, you will send us the .txt report as an attachment in your e-mail