Micros 3700

Go to: “Auto sequences and Reports” on home screen of back of house terminal

  • Under Reports, select: Menu Item > Reports » Consolidated SYS Menu Item Sales Detail  » use the date picker and Category Picker to limit the report to your bar sales for the time period of your inventory
  • This will only export as a PDF. There is no “Save” button, select “Print”, in the dropdown where you select the printer you want, there should be a “Print to PDF” option
  • Please be sure to export the file to your desktop, in “landscape” orientation so all columns are visible. Please do not print and scan the file; we will only be able to work with digital files

Other versions:

  • Go to auto sequence and reports
  • Go to reports by Menu Item and then select the date range and you will see sort by:
  • Sort by menu group
  • Once it processes you click on preview and then save it to the micros desktop
  • After you save it to that desk top you have to right click and hit “send to” this should allow you to either save to a flash drive to upload to your BevSpot account, or email directly to support@bevspot.com 

For E7 (older version):

  • Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Menu Item Detail Sales Report
  • Date Range (by business date)
  • FILE
  • On desktop — BevSpot Reports