Login to the terminal using a four-digit PIN:

  1. From the order entry screen, touch ‘Manager’ at the top right of the screen and the manager screen appears
  2. Touch ‘Reports’ and the reports screen appears
  3. Several categories are organized in the drop down menu in the upper left of the screen (by default, sales reports appear first) We’ll need the Item Sales (by class/by group). Be sure to pull the Choice Sales report too so modifiers are included
  4. Use the drop down list and highlight the report category desired
  5. Select the date and time using the Calendar and Clock Icons. The date range should match the date range of the BevSpot Inventory
  6. Touch ‘Show Report’ on the upper right of the screen
  7. Once the report appears, a report can be saved in file formats such as Excel (.xls) or PDF. Excel (.xls) usually works best