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Design updates for a more refined BevSpot



Welcome to a refined BevSpot UI.

You’ll notice some interface changes in your BevSpot account today: notably, the main menu has been updated and the whole application feels more visually consistent. With this launch, we were thinking “refinement” more than “redesign,” so rest assured that the whole experience should feel similar to what you’re used to, just a little cleaner.

Why now?

Our engineering and design teams have been hard at work launching a bunch of new and updated features over the past year, like the redesigned Inventory Counts, the new My Items manager, and the Usage, Excess Inventory, and Transfer reports.

All of those pages have been built using our new code infrastructure—which is faster and more scalable, and our new design system—which was a bit of a visual departure from other pre-existing pages. So the ultimate goal of this “UI refresh” was to bring our updated visual design system to all of our existing pages and tools.

(Plus, we’ve taken the opportunity to re-write a lot of our front-end code in a system that is more manageable for us to maintain and update internally, but that’s not for you to worry about.)

So, what’s new?

New menu & better tablet navigation

We’ve slightly re-organized the menu and added a new “collapsed” view so it’ll take up less screen space, giving you back a little extra room to comfortably view all of your data. If you click on the little arrow in the lower left corner (see image below), you can toggle the different states for the menu.


Plus, on tablet-sized devices it’s handy to pin the menu to the side so you have access to your links all at once. Use the same arrow in the lower left corner to keep it pinned to the side, or on small devices, return the the fully hidden mode (which you’ll still see on phones).


Reports have moved to the new “performance” section

The Usage Report, Excess Inventory Report, and Transfer Report have moved into a new section called “Performance”, and they all have a more consistent layout. We wanted to put all of the on-demand, real-time reports in one section for consistency so that you’re taking your actions in one section and seeing reporting in another.

This helps clarify permission schemes that some accounts are using to differentiate between those who can “enter” data, and those who see the “reporting”.

Moving forward, this is where you’ll see some exciting new reports we’re working on… stay tuned.

Overview” pages have merged with “history” pages

For inventory, ordering, and sales; we ditched the old “overview” pages in favor of consolidating the info you need in one place, and voila: the new history pages.

We’ve actually been adding features and graphs to the inventory history and order history pages over the past few months—they are where you can look for all of your historical records, plus simple visualizations of your data.

We plan on adding some more visualizations to these pages in the coming weeks, now that they’re in their new home.

New account switcher

If you’re part of a group, hotel, or any other multi-property entity that uses BevSpot in multiple locations, you’ll be familiar with the the “account switcher” arrows next to your account name (see below). These work the same way, but we’ve updated the menu to be able to accommodate multiple “levels” of groupings and see more accounts at once. This is particularly helpful for our hotel customers who manage many properties.

Refreshed “groups” dashboard

Also for groups, you’ll see a refreshed design of your “group” dashboard page. We’ve highlighted the comparison of accounts at the top of the page, and expanded the graphs below.

More overall visual changes:

  • Greater visual consistency throughout: this is the first step in making progress towards some new features that will make BevSpot easier to use across multiple accounts.
  • We’ve dropped the color-coding on the app section headers (the orange ordering, green inventory, and teal sales of yore), which paves the way for better use of color-coding for multi-location accounts and updated visualizations, alerts and more clear data across the app.

Feedback welcomed!

As always, we love hearing feedback. If you have suggestions or find something amiss, or just want to tell us what you like—use the contact form in the lower left corner of the main menu (the little headset icon). We read each and every bit!


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