Using BevSpot’s Bulk Uploader

The Bulk Uploader is the fastest way to get your list of items into your BevSpot account. You can use the templates below if you don’t have your product list in a formatted spreadsheet.

Step 1: Upload your file


What file type do you take?

  • We can instantly process one .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX, .PDF* file at a time.
  • Our uploader tool will only process the first tab in a file. We recommend consolidating your files into one tab in advance.
  • We can process approximately 500 items in a single upload.
  • If you would like to upload more than one file, complete the entire flow and then return to your dashboard to begin the process again. 
  • Make sure to check for duplicate items before submitting your sheet.
  • If for some reason your file isn’t importing properly, or you are seeing an error message, our team can help out and will work with you to get your items added.

* If your file is in a .PDF format, you can use this Free Conversion Tool to quickly turn it into a .XLSX file. If using Google Sheets, use the instructions here to convert your file properly. To convert a Numbers spreadsheet from a Mac,  follow these instructions


Do you have a template I can use to format my sheet perfectly?

  • Download our template(s) at the top of this article to edit in Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or any other spreadsheet program.
  • Enter the information about your items into each row in the spreadsheet.
  • Use the example data to see the correct format for each column.
  • Keep the column headers in row 1 and your data starting in row 2.
  • Delete any columns that you don’t fill in, except for Product Name which is required.
  • When you’re done filling in your information, save the file again as a .CSV and return to the Bulk Uploader to submit.

Do I have to use your template?

You don’t have to use our template. If you choose not to, check out these basic tips to ensure the best possible upload.
  • Put your list in the first tab of your file. BevSpot will only process the first sheet in any spreadsheet file. You can return to the Bulk Upload screen at any time from your dashboard to upload additional spreadsheets.
  • Put your column headers in row 1 and your data starting in row 2 in your file.
  • All spreadsheets must be .CSV, .XLS, or .XLSX, or .PDF* files.

* If your file is in a .PDF format, you can use this Free Conversion Tool to quickly turn it into a .XLSX file.


What information can BevSpot process in the Bulk Uploader?

  • Product Name (Required)
    • The product’s name (ex: Product Name: Absolut Citron).
  • Brand (Optional)
    • The product’s brand name.
    • Optional to separate Brand from Product Name (ex: Brand: Absolut, Product Name: Citron)
  • Unit Size (Optional, Recommended)
    • The size of one unit of this product (750mL, 12lbs, etc). 
    • Make sure to add unit of measure in this section (ml, l, oz, gal).
  • Unit Price (Optional, Recommended)  
    • The product’s single unit price, such as price per bottle.
  • Case Size (Optional, Recommended)
    • The number of units in one case of this product (12, 24, etc). 
    • Only needed if you order this product by the case.
  • Case Price (Optional)
    • To use case price, case packaging is required in your upload (12/750ml) .
  • Vendor (Optional)
    • The vendor who you purchase this product from.
  • Product Category (Optional)
    • Categories in BevSpot are used for high-level organization (Beer, Wine, Meat, Dairy, etc.)
  • Type (Optional)
    • A product’s sub-category.
    • Use this for more detailed classification. This can be anything you’d like, such as Lager, Tequila, Beef, Cheese, etc.
  • SKU (optional)
    • The product’s SKU#, your vendor’s product identification number.
  • Deposit (optional)
    • The product’s bottle, can or keg deposit.
  • Note (optional)
    • Any additional internal notes about this item.
    • This is freeform text.


Step 2: Confirm your product details

Uploader Image 

  • Once you upload your file, if it is compatible with our uploader tool, you will see a page displaying your list.
  • This step is simply to ensure that data is matched to the correct fields in BevSpot.
  • The first row has drop-downs that contain our best guess at a match.
  • Use the dropdown list to select the match for that column.
  • Use the X to remove any unneeded rows or columns.


What happens if something doesn’t match?

  • If you cannot find a match, the column will be marked as “Unassigned.”
  • If you’ve included something in your spreadsheet that does not match one of the fields that we take in our uploader, don’t worry. This information may be something that can be added later in your account.
  • Click the X to delete a column or simply leave it unassigned and we will skip it in the initial upload.
  • If you need to start over, click the “Back to Uploader” button.


I’m all done matching. Now what?

  • If you’re ready to proceed, click “Import My Items.” Next you’ll have an opportunity to review your list.


Step 3: Edit


My items have come through, now what?

  • Once your list comes through, you’ll see your items listed on the Recently Added View.
  • We’ll let you know how many items came in, and will leave any missing information blank, with light gray text prompting you to add the information.
  • Here, you can use the checkboxes on the left to bulk edit items, or you can use the pencil on the right to edit single items.


Everything looks great!

  • If everything is looking good, click “Save and Continue.”
  • At this point, some blank details will be set to BevSpot’s recommended information, and your items will be saved to your account in My Items.
    • BevSpot’s defaults are the following:
      • Price: $0.00
      • Vendor: Other
      • Category: Other
      • Packaging: 
        • 750ml bottle (wine/spirits)
        • 12oz bottle (beer/cider)
        • 1each (food)
  • Use the My Items page to easily manage all the items you track in your BevSpot account.
  • You can add, edit, archive, and delete items from this page in bulk, or by the individual item.
  • Learn more ways to use the My Items page in our help article.


I’d like to try again from the beginning.

  • If you made a mistake during the upload process, or have decided you want to begin again for any other reason, you can click “Clear and Start Over.”
  • This will delete all the items and send you back to the Bulk Uploader starting screen.