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Inventory Management

Take faster, more accurate inventory

Fast input, count offline

The interactive Inventory Calculator cuts your inventory time in half and Offline Mode saves your counting to the cloud, even when internet connection is spotty.

Storage areas

Organize your storage areas in BevSpot to reflect your restaurant’s unique setup. Add walk-ins, dry storage, freezers, or specific stations easily.

Flexible units

Order beef by the pound, but count every filet? Flexible units keep your data accurate.

“The visualization aspect of BevSpot helps my assistant managers a great deal when they are doing inventory.”

Andrew Zimmer, General Manager
Alibi Bar & Lounge at the Liberty Hotel
Purchasing & Invoice Management

Organize and centralize your record-keeping

“What I have seen is that our local reps have now been able to come in show us some new product and not just ask what our orders are for that week. It really gives them an opportunity to come in and sell more.”

Lindsey Krause, Director of Food and Beverage Operations
The Clubs at St. James Plantation
Sales Performance Insights & Reporting

Understand what’s selling and what’s going to waste

Spoiled food represents money in the garbage. BevSpot tells you where you’re losing money and what’s sitting on your shelves, so you can make smarter, more profitable ordering decisions.

Understand how many pounds of butter you’re actually using with detailed Usage Reports.

Maximize your margins on every plate by pricing out your recipes in BevSpot. When it’s time to refresh the menu, your archived ingredients are ready to go.

“The first time I showed the numbers to my owner, he realized this was a system that would get him the answers he’s been trying to obtain for years.”

Gary Evangelista, General Manager
Vinted Wine Bar and Kitchen
Enterprise Dashboard

Manage your entire restaurant group with the Enterprise Dashboard

Quick switch between accounts with one username, perfect for executive chefs or food and beverage directors managing multiple locations.

Compare performance across your locations, including sitting inventory, ordering, usage, and sales.

Control employee-level permissions for your entire kitchen staff, across each location, and across the entire group.

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Built for teams of all sizes

From country clubs, to hotels, to restaurant groups, BevSpot is ideal for multi-location hospitality establishments. Learn how the best in the business manage it all with BevSpot.

Your success is our job

Whether it’s onboarding, training, or answering your support questions, our customer success team works to actively improve your business’ bottom line.

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