Maintain pricing and delivery quantities for accurate usage and sales reports.

Opening Order Detail (Food & Beverage)

From the Order History Page

  • Click View to the far left of the order you need to open

Editing Orders (Food & Beverage)

Once you’ve opened your Order Detail it’s time to edit this order to match your vendor invoice exactly

  • Click Edit Order at the top of the page

  • Match all the product quantities, prices, deposits, and additional adjustments to your vendor invoice
  • Enter the invoice number, and Save Order making sure to update all pricing changes you have made here

Confirming Deliveries (Food & Beverage)

Once you’ve edited this order to match your vendor invoice, it’s time to confirm this as delivered

  • Click the button that says Confirm Delivery

  • From the date picker, select the Date & Time this was delivered to your bar and click Confirm

  • This order has now been confirmed as delivered

Invoice Upload (Food & Beverage)

For easier record keeping without the hassle of holding onto piles of paper invoices, you can upload your vendor invoices to each order directly from your computer, tablet, or any mobile device

On your computer…

  • Click Upload Invoice

  • Choose the file you’d like to upload from your computer and click Open
  • This invoice is now attached to this order, and you can be opened in a new browser tab by clicking on the name of the invoice

On your tablet or mobile device…

  • Click Upload Invoice
  • Choose to either take a photo of this invoice, or upload a photo you’ve already taken
  • This invoice is now attached to this order, and can be opened in a new browser tab by clicking on the name of the invoice

Recording Past Invoices (Food & Beverage)

With your BevSpot account, you can record a delivery from an invoice for any order that you may have already placed with your vendors.

From the Main Menu:

  • Chose Ordering
  • Order History
  • Select Record Past Invoice at the top of the page
  • Indicate which Vendor this order is from
  • Choose the Date/Time Placed and the Expected Delivery Date/Time
  • Input the Invoice Number of this delivery
  • Put the Invoice Total for this delivery
  • Attach an image of this invoice by clicking Upload Attachment (optional but recommended)
  • Click Record to save this for future processing, or Record + Edit to start balancing this invoice now
  • Add the items from this invoice by using the Quick Add search at the top of the Order Detail

  • Balance quantities and prices to match the delivery invoice
  • Save all pricing changes and updates
  • Confirm this delivery according to the delivery date on the invoice