With BevSpot, you can build all of your orders for the week at the same time, and send them off to all of your vendors with one click…

  • Select Vendor(s) you wish to order from
  • Find the items you wish to order from the list or search for them using Filter Page
  • Select whether you wish to order them as a case or loose bottle/keg (may not apply to all items)
  • Click the orange Shopping Cart button (this will add one unit of this item to your order)
  • Adjust quantity of items you wish to order
  • Once all items are on the order, click on the button that says Cart under your order total

Smart Cart (Food & Beverage)*

Clicking on Smart Cart will add items to your shopping cart once the inventory level dips below your set par. Note: this change may require you to reexamine your pars.

No pars in your account yet? You can also base orders off of your average weekly usage. We always suggest beverage pars be set at 2–3 times your average weekly usage.** 

  • Click Smart Cart in the top-right of the screen

  • On mobile, click the more actions button (three vertical dots) and select Smart Cart
  • Select whether you’d like to add items to your cart based on Pars or Weekly Usage

  • Look through your orders and adjust quantity as necessary before sending to your vendors

*Smart Cart will function for food accounts, but will be most valuable when used immediately following a full inventory count.

**These par suggestions are based on managing a beverage program where items are far less perishable.