Restaurant Group Food & Beverage Management

Tired of inventory spreadsheets and daily vendor phone calls? BevSpot can do that, so you can get back to doing what you love.

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Popular features for restaurant groups

Collaborative, fast inventory

You and your team can use BevSpot to take inventory across your entire kitchen and bar, at the same time, all saved to the cloud.


Online purchasing

Order product directly from your vendors through BevSpot. Build one shopping cart for easy purchasing, then BevSpot will send a text or email to confirm your order.

Usage reporting

BevSpot tells you what product you’re going through and identifies variance, including over-pours, loss, and food spoilage


Recipe management

Save an accurate recipe associated with every sales item, including preparation notes, to share among your team.

“BevSpot allows us to keep track of exactly what we’re using weekly. BevSpot improved our liquor costs by a 3–4% profit.”

Oran McGonagle, Bar Manager
East Coast Tavern Group

Learn how BevSpot can help you manage your:  Inventory | Purchasing | Sales

Enterprise Dashboard

Manage your entire restaurant group with the Enterprise Dashboard

Quick switch between accounts without needing to remember multiple usernames, perfect for food and beverage directors managing multiple restaurant locations.

Compare performance across your restaurants, including sitting inventory, ordering, usage, and sales.

Control employee-level permissions  for your kitchen and bar staff, across each restaurant, and across the entire group.

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