Popular features for hotels and hospitality groups

Collaborative inventory

You and your team can use BevSpot to take inventory across your entire kitchen and bar, at the same time, all saved to the cloud.


Product history

See historical information about every product, including purchase price changes and inventory counts, across every location in your establishment.

Unlimited storage areas

Create as many storage locations as you need so that your BevSpot account reflects your real life setup—whether that’s multiple bars, or storage rooms in separate banquet rooms.


Recipe management

Save an accurate recipe associated with every sales item, including preparation notes, to share amongst your team. Perfect for staying consistent for each catered event.

“Every month since implementing BevSpot, we’ve gone down in beverage costs and been better or matched our goals in doing so. That can be definitely attributed to BevSpot.”

Ryan Vermillion, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
Marriott at University of Dayton

Enterprise Dashboard

Manage your entire hospitality group with the Enterprise Dashboard

Quick switch between accounts without needing to remember multiple usernames, perfect for food and beverage directors managing multiple hotel locations.

Compare performance across your locations, including sitting inventory, ordering, usage, and sales.

Control employee-level permissions  for your kitchen and bar staff, across each hotel, and across the entire hospitality group.

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Enterprise Dashboard

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