After seeing firsthand how BevSpot transformed the beverage program at a popular and highly successful restaurant down the street, Mike Shaw and Will Falaro made it a top priority to implement BevSpot before they even opened the doors.

After a month of ordering through BevSpot, life is good, life is great. It helps out a lot.”

To see how drastically from that first month our actual orders have dipped is awesome.”

Through BevSpot’s real-time pricing and insights about their sitting inventory, Loco was able to save between “$26,000 and $30,000 in cash savings” this year.

With BevSpot, you see every dollar.”

A common temptation in the industry is to carry a lot of product so that you never run out of stock. However, there’s a fine balance between ensuring you don’t run out, and sitting on more than you need. Through BevSpot’s insights, Loco has been successfully navigating that challenge.

One thing BevSpot’s done has certainly taught me is you don’t need to over-order to make sure you have everything. And it’s worked. We’re not 86’ing products. It’s just not happening.”

Aside from the cost benefits, Loco has consistently managed the entire inventory and ordering process in just 90 minutes/ week. This means less time doing inventory, and more time spent building the business. “Will’s time is better served working on our cocktail list, finding great staff, making sure they have schedules done and helping elevate and build our business. His time’s not spent well on a computer in a basement office on Excel.”

It keeps my world in one place and organized.”

On distributor relationships: “We weren’t getting better. We weren’t finding a way to dig into what the distributors had. Now, most of those meetings that we’re having are product related and sales-specific about where we want to grow with them and what products they have coming through their doors that might fit here, or might not.”