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As part of the freshly opened Denver Central Market, Curio faces some unique challenges compared to many of their peers in Colorado. Focusing on tapping into the communal aspect of the market, the neighborhood bar has honed in on offering a fresh selection of wine, beer, and cocktails and aspires to become a world-class local spot in Denver.

2669 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205
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The Goal
The Goal

Stephen Julia, one of the managing owners of Curio, was tasked with getting the bar program off the ground as smoothly as possible upon opening. Working alongside his co-owners, Katsumi Yuso Ruiz and Stuart Jensen, Stephen looked towards finding a technology solution to get a firm handle on the activity at Curio and that would be specialized enough to give him and his co-owners the information they needed to keep their new bar on the right path.

Key Results


Weekly inventory and ordering time
Enabled added leverage for supplier negotiations
More healthy weekly pars and standing inventory
Getting Set Up With BevSpot

Upon opening this past fall, Curio faced many problems that bars wouldn’t normally have to consider. With its opening hours tied to the market and sharing the space with other vendors, the aspiring neighborhood bar has a lot of distinctive character to it. So, when originally searching for a technology solution to help manage his inventory and ordering processes, Stephen struggled to find one that would be able to fit that character.

I was looking for inventory software and couldn’t find much that was truly specialized.”

Then, having come across BevSpot and tried a demo, Stephen believed he found the right platform for Curio. Deciding to move forward with BevSpot for the bar in preparation for its opening, Stephen was shocked to find how simple the onboarding process was.

We had all our data set up in Excel. I think [the BevSpot implementation team] got it set up for us fairly well. We had trainings scheduled and rescheduled when needed. It got us where we needed to be. I primarily did all the training for my staff, because it was so simple. Honestly, [the onboarding] was well laid out and took very little time.”

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The Outcome

With BevSpot set up and ready to go, Stephen opened Curio and quickly saw the benefits from the software. Inventories and ordering at Curio were running at a very smooth clip.

From inventory to ordering, it takes maybe an hour at most. It’s amazing how little time it takes. We haven’t even maximized the tool yet. When we settle in, we can probably save another 20% of our time.”

Any hiccups that Curio ran into during the inventory and ordering process were immediately addressed by BevSpot’s customer service team.

The whole team was pretty ecstatic about the customer service we received [from BevSpot]. We just got off on the right foot, got on track, and could see our pour costs.”

With BevSpot, Stephen could quickly identify a problem that the bar was running into: depleting their inventory too quickly.

We don’t have a lot of space and we’ve been moving through product so quickly that, every week so far, we’ve upped our par levels, but we still run out. After we got the sales figures loaded into [BevSpot], we found out that we were not even keeping a week’s worth of inventory.” 

After this discovery, it enabled Stephen and the rest of the staff at Curio to feel comfortable getting aggressive in pushing their par levels to an appropriate level. BevSpot also enabled Stephen to get aggressive in negotiations with his suppliers.

For example, we use Old Forester in our well as our bourbon. We use it across a couple of cocktails on our menu. We said, look, based on this category, we’re using this much and look what we’re doing. If we add this to our menu to our fall cocktail, you can expect to move an additional two cases a week. That enabled us to negotiate discounted prices.”

Ultimately, Stephen has been really satisfied with BevSpot and looks to continue to use the platform to make Curio even better.

We’re still finding ways to implement [BevSpot] in a way that works towards our goal of developing our staff more. We’re big on staff training and development, allowing them to learn and build their own cocktails. In fact, we’re trying to get everyone accounts, so they can price cocktails that they are trying to get on the menu.”

“After we got the sales figures loaded into [BevSpot], we found out that we were not even keeping a week’s worth of inventory.”

Stephen Julia

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