The Cocktail Profitability Handbook

We took a look at sales data from nine major metro areas across the United States to see which popular cocktails are the most and least profitable for bars.

Top-selling brands graph

9 Bar and Restaurant Types & Their Top-Selling Beverage Brands

We’ve looked at the data behind all our customers before, but not all of them are alike. This time, we analyzed the order data of nine different bar and restaurant types—from Asian-fusion to wine bars—to understand how their top-selling products vary. Check out the results.


How Much Do Bars Save With BevSpot?

Data-driven businesses have one key advantage: The ability to accurately measure costs and profitability. So, how much can we help your bar? For the answer, you could ask a few of our customers. Or, as we like to do, we could show you the data.


What’s the Average Sitting Inventory in the Bar Industry?

For bar owners and operators, efficient inventory practices represent a huge opportunity to reduce costs and run a more profitable bar. Businesses that hold on to too much inventory waste time counting and recounting idle product. This idle product crowds storage space, which makes tracking your usage more difficult and servicing customers a complicated process—not to mention the losses that come from increased breakage and theft. The higher a bar’s excess inventory, the higher its exposure to unnecessary operating expenses and lost productivity, and the lower its general profitability.

Average Pour Costs by Category

What’s the Average Pour Cost in the Bar Industry?

And how does your bar compare? The pour cost is a critical number for understanding the overall profitability of your bar. It’s a powerful metric that you can use to identify inefficiencies in the management of your beverage program and, from there, adopt a variety of strategies used by successful businesses to lower it —whether that’s reducing product costs, effective drink pricing, or minimizing product loss.


A Year of Data: Top Selling Spirits by Season

Last week, we looked at $20 million worth of orders placed through our bar management platform. We broke down the data and identified which beverage categories sell best throughout the year: in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This week, we’re taking a closer look at one specific category—find out which spirits sell the best (and which ones sell the worst) across the seasons. How does your bar compare?