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What’s the Average Sitting Inventory in the Bar Industry?

For bar owners and operators, efficient inventory practices represent a huge opportunity to reduce costs and run a more profitable bar. Businesses that hold on to too much inventory waste time counting and recounting idle product. This idle product crowds storage space, which makes tracking your usage more difficult and servicing customers a complicated process—not to mention the losses that come from increased breakage and theft. The higher a bar’s excess inventory, the higher its exposure to unnecessary operating expenses and lost productivity, and the lower its general profitability.

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4 Telltale Signs Your Bar Inventory is Taking You Too Long

A successful bar manager knows that efficient inventory management is crucial for maintaining a lucrative bar. However, taking bar inventory isn’t usually considered the most exciting task, especially if it means spending time in a cramped storage room trying to decipher your own scribbles. Every moment you spend taking bar inventory is time you could Read the full article…

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Bar and Restaurant Inventory Management: Calculating Variance

Product variance, otherwise known as loss or shrinkage, is one of the biggest detractors from a beverage program’s profitability. It represents the difference between the amount of product sold over a given period of time, and the amount of product used over that same period. In an ideal world, these numbers would line up perfectly, Read the full article…