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Bar-focused software startup BevSpot knocks back $5.25 million in funding

July 8, 2015

We connected again with Scott Kirsner of BetaBoston and the Boston Globe to discuss our recent Series A funding round of $5.25.


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Introducing New Products that Save $ and More

June 21, 2015

BevSpot was recently featured in the article Introducing new products that save $ and more in FoodserviceEast:


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Harpoon Co-Founder Backs Booze Management Startup BevSpot

February 14, 2015

We recently spoke with Rebecca Strong at BostInno about our progress and news of our newest investor:


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New Platform Bridges Alcohol Distribution, Retail

October 9, 2014

We recently sat down with Raghu Dhara from the Crimson to talk about BevSpot and our plans for the future:


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BevSpot banks $720,000 to help bars and restaurants better manage their booze

September 18, 2014

We recently spoke with Scott Kirsner of BetaBoston about our business model, vision, and recent seed funding:

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