Product Updates

Recipes + New Navigation!

By Nichole Mace

Price your recipes with ease - find out which menu items are most and least profitable.  

We are thrilled to announce a few key improvements to BevSpot.   

New Navigation

You asked for greater efficiency when spinning around BevSpot.  The new navigation is based on customer feedback  and is optimized for both power-users and new users.  We know it is like a grocery store changing their shelving so we apologize for any initial inconveniences - we hope you find it ultimately saves you time.

The new navigation also supports new features that are rolling out including Recipe costing and Perpetual/Expected Inventory.


Which recipes are the most profitable for you? There is a new (and we hope you find more fun) way to create and cost out recipes and menu items in BevSpot.   Per your feedback, we replaced "My Sales Items" with "Recipes" and moved them under "Items".  You can nest recipes and create sub-recipes that will carry any price changes through to final items.  You can add yields and serving size info too.


We look forward to your feedback!

- Nichole (VP of Product)


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