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Coming Soon: Menu Costing in BevSpot

By Erie Burkland

Coming Soon from the BevSpot Product Team:

BevSpot’s new menu costing feature expands on its popular Drink Price Calculator to make it even easier for users to create and cost menu items.  It’s available in both food and beverage accounts and adds the ability to build sub-recipes and set the yield, serving size, and cost per serving of them.

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(designs subject to change upon feature release)

The addition of sub-recipes in BevSpot allows users to see the vendor price changes of underlying ingredients (inventory items) and track them all the way through to the final menu item. Making it easier to analyze repricing opportunities, plate costs, and menu profitability.

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(designs subject to change upon feature release)

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You’re no longer required to have an item in your account in order to add it as an ingredient. Users can now create new inventory items in their account while they’re adding them as an ingredient in a new menu item or sub-recipe. Users can also duplicate recipes for quick creating recipes with similar ingredients.

Lastly, BevSpot has added the ability to assign a miscellaneous cost (commonly referred to as a Q factor) to menu items. This is a custom value that can be added to a dish to account for anything extra that is required in the production or service of the menu item. It’s most commonly seen in food dishes to track things like bread, Great...butter, condiments, paper, waste, etc.


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