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2-Minute Tuesdays: Ways to Impress Your Bar Manager

By Trevor Bernatchez

Whether you’re striving for a promotion or you simply want to understand how to be a better bartender, impressing your bar manager will go a long way in the food and beverage industry...

2MT - Impress Your Bar Manager

In our most recent edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays, Sr. Manager of Customer Education 
Trevor Bernatchez, breaks down ways you can impress your bar manager to help further your career in the F&B industry.

Read on to learn more, or watch the whole video (~2 mins) above.

Whether you’re striving for a promotion or you simply want to understand how to be a better bartender, impressing your bar manager will go a long way in the food and beverage industry.

Here are a handful things to keep in mind if you’re looking to stand out from the rest of the bar team.

1. Keep it Clean

Recognize the importance of a spotless bar. A dirty one will scare off customers and potentially lead to a failed health inspection. Although it may seem like busywork, maintaining a clean bar will show that you take pride in your work and you care about the customer’s experience.

2. Know Your Alcohol

If you want to get your bar manager’s attention, know your alcohol. If you know the basics and can recall how to make a good number of drinks, it’ll go a long way. But, if you really want to go the extra mile, take some time to learn the story of the cocktails you make and the products you serve, and prepare answers for potential questions from customers.

3. Create New Cocktails for the Menu

As an ambitious bartender, take some time to come up with your own cocktails. Adding new drinks to the menu will help to bring in new business, keep current customers interested, and give you a sense of ownership in your work. If you’re feeling stuck here, one of the easiest ways to invent a new drink is to make variants of classic cocktails.

4. Cut Off Customers When Necessary

Although it might be a difficult situation, you should always refuse service to overly intoxicated customers. In most circumstances, bartenders are in the best position to determine a customer’s sobriety. To impress your manager and show them you care about the business, your staff, your customers, and the general public, confidently cut off customers who’ve had too much to drink.

5. Fully Commit to Hospitality

Holding a job in the food and beverage industry means constantly displaying happy, pleasant emotions toward customers. Having a great deal of patience and composure in all types of situations is difficult. A successful bartender doesn’t simply make drinks. They go beyond what’s expected and put effort into every aspect of the role. If you’re looking to bring in more tips, impress your manager, potentially get a promotion, and advance your career in the food and beverage industry, this advice will put you on the right track.


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