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How to Create a Profitable Bar Snack Menu

By Amanda Grosvenor

A dynamic snack menu will complement your drinks and keep your clientele coming back for more.

Bar snacks are a staple around the world. Offering snacks at the bar delights guests, increases their length of time at the bar, and their overall spend. But not all menus are created equal. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a memorable and profitable bar snack menu.


Does my bar snack menu compliment the restaurant?

Your food menu should center around a core conceptual theme, with seasonal variations and rotating specials existing comfortably under a constant thematic umbrella. The same goes for your snack menu. Make sure you stay true to that central theme and also consider:

  • The type of space you’re in and its décor
  • Resident cultural heritage or regional specialities
  • Keeping it fresh by featuring local and seasonal ingredients when possible

Are my flavors cohesive?

When crafting snacks, your team will want to get creative. But, creativity shouldn’t turn into a hodgepodge. Make sure you aren’t combining flavors that simply don’t go together. Cohesion between your bar team and your kitchen team is key for keeping flavors consistent. Some examples of snacks to consider or build off of include:

  • Twists on traditional bar snacks or comfort foods, like pretzels or beer nuts
  • Cured meats, pâté, and cheeses (à la The Eddy)
  • House-made pickles or stuffed olives

How can I make my bar snacks profitable?

Most importantly, you want your snack menu to be profitable. One way to do this is to stay on top of your food inventory and feature items that won’t spoil quickly. Ingredients with a longer shelf life let you stock less and avoid pressuring your bar team to aggressively sell a menu item. You should also research your clientele’s preferences and strategically choose snacks that fit both their desired flavors and price points in order to boost sales.

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