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Accurately Calculate Keg and Bottle Weights with BevSpot

By Alex Lesman

Taking inventory is at our core, so we’re always searching for ways to help you do it faster and more accurately.

Calculate keg weight in BevSpot

Weighing kegs is a challenge. We’ve written extensively about how to weigh kegs, and even created a keg weight calculator to make converting weight to volume simple. Now, BevSpot does the math for you.

Enter the weight of your keg into the inventory counter, and BevSpot automatically determines the volume of liquid using industry standard values. Starting today, this feature is available for all BevSpot users on any package.

bevspot keg weight

Weight calculations, for bottles too

Bottles may not be as standardized as kegs, but BevSpot can now weigh those too. We’ve collected the average empty and full weights of bottles across a wide range of products, so you can start calculating bottle weights right away. If you’re looking for down-to-the-ounce precision, you can record the empty and full weights of your bottles in the inventory counter within BevSpot, so you get the most accurate measurements.

bevspot bottle weight

Starting today, bottle weighing is available for all of our Standard, Pro, and Enterprise BevSpot packages.

See bottle weights in action in the Help Center now!

bevspot help center weighing bottles

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