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Crafting Cocktails: Jenna Rycroft’s ‘I‘iwi Bird

By Jenna Rycroft
The Bar

Bar Mezzana

When characterizing Bar Mezzana’s cocktail program, it can be easy to assume a synthesis of its creators’ working backgrounds. Both Ryan Lotz and Jenna Rycroft have roots in renowned Boston craft cocktail programs: Drink, The Hawthorne, and, most notably, a shared experience at No. 9 Park. However, it’s their bond of friendship as well as their goal to channel the Italian cultural identity of their establishment that truly empowers Bar Mezzana’s cocktails.

Tiki” Cocktail Recipe

I‘iwi Bird*

  • 2 oz Privateer Tiki Gin
  • ½ oz Aperol
  • ½ oz liliko’i (passion fruit) syrup
  • ½ oz lime juice
  1. Shake all ingredients with ice and serve up.

‘I‘iwi Bird

About the Drink


In the past, I didn’t have much experience making cocktails. Ryan forced us, because he liked making us do things we didn’t like to do. This one started out of a small love affair that Ryan and I have with a local distiller named Maggie Campbell. She is Head Distiller–Vice President at Privateer, a rum distillery in Ipswich. A couple of years ago, Privateer came out with a gin—a tiki gin actually. It’s infused with a lot of tropical fruit notes along with gin botanicals. It’s a really unique product, really bold. So, I wanted to use that in my cocktail.

About the Drink

The cocktail is called ‘I’iwi. It’s actually the Hawaiian word for a native bird known as the honeycreeper. I’m part Hawaiian, so I wanted to use this to recognize some of my culture. I was imagining this beautiful tropical bird when I made this cocktail.”

*Individually crafted cocktail brought to Bar Mezzana from previous location.


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