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A Smarter Way to Price Your Cocktails

By BevSpot

Check it out Drink and Cocktail Pricing Tool

Determining the right price for a drink requires a little business savvy, a little arithmetic, and — perhaps most of all — time, especially when you’re working on pricing out a whole cocktail menu, or calculating costs for a complex drink that involves a lengthy list of esoteric ingredients. Making a mistake in either direction can potentially alienate your guests, or result in pouring money down the drain (literally).

Enter this nifty online drink-pricing tool from a tech company that’s working to help ease the pain of some of the more mind-numbing tasks that bartenders, managers and operators occasionally have to tend to. “Our goal is to help the industry by giving beautiful, easy software to do things they’re already doing on pen and paper,” explains Rory Crawford, CEO of BevSpot. “We also want to provide people with free services, and it’s fun and challenging for us to give people value immediately.”

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