Free eBook: Guide to Managing Bar and Restaurant Staff

Part 1: Facing the Critical Questions of Well Logistics

By Rachael Perry
Managing a bar can be extremely hard work. At BevSpot, we’re making the job a little bit easier by simplifying time-consuming tasks and helping drive down costs each week. Check out this series for helpful ideas and tips on managing a bar.
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What is it that makes the world’s best bars and restaurants truly excellent?

It’s many things, of course: the products, the pairings, the presentation, the story, the interior and even the location. But a bar or restaurant’s staff (and the care they take in creating these adventures for each guest) is usually what takes that experience to the next level.

Restaurants like Eleven Madison Park have built businesses on elevating the hospitality experience, providing a whole new level of service to their guests. To achieve this, they heavily rely on excellent staff hiring, training, organization, management and growth strategies.

Our first four eBooks focus on the process of operating a bar—from managing profitability and inventory practices to online marketing for your business.

This time, we’re putting a spotlight on the people behind the bar, the people who make up the business.

In this eBook, we explore how to effectively manage your staff members to help them excel in their roles and create that perfect service experience that’s crucial to running a successful bar or restaurant.

The 7 chapters of hospitality staff management:

  1. Attracting and retaining top talent
  2. How to properly train your bar staff
  3. The best staff scheduling practices for your bar
  4. Why your employees aren’t selling
  5. Why staff turnover in this industry is so high
  6. Growing the staff power within your restaurant group
  7. Some final thoughts on employee management from BevSpot’s CEO

With contributions by Donald Burns and Homebase.


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