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Free Staff Scheduling Template for Bar Managers

By Rachael Perry
Managing a bar can be extremely hard work. At BevSpot, we’re making the job a little bit easier by simplifying time-consuming tasks and helping drive down costs each week. Check out this series for helpful ideas and tips on managing a bar.
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Use this template to make staff scheduling easier.

BevSpot exists to provide you with the tools and knowledge to make your job easier, to help you save money and time so that you can get back to the parts of the job you love.

We do this in part through our bar management software, but we also strive to create free tools that the entire bar and restaurant industry can use.

Here’s our latest one.

Planning and managing staff schedules takes up a considerable amount of a bar manager or operator’s time—on average, 6.6% of their working week.

This is a large cost to hospitality businesses, so we’re making it easier with a sleek new spreadsheet. This free staffing template will help you plan, calculate, display and share your weekly bar staff schedule with your team.

This spreadsheet will allow you to:

  • Enter and manage your employees’ availability
  • Fill out your weekly schedule by role and shift
  • Share updated schedules with your staff for easy viewing


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Free Staff Scheduling Template

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