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Customer Stories: Roka Akor on Data for Restaurant Groups

By Reggie Woo

Roka Akora Japanese concept focused on robatayakihas proved to be a successful mainstay venture for JNK Concepts.

The story of Roka Akor was born from a similar UK concept’s desire to expand to the U.S., but JNK Concepts would eventually run the new restaurant group themselves. Since then, Roka Akor has won multiple awards and expanded from its birthplace of Scottsdale, AZ to locations in major culinary scenes like Chicago and San Francisco.

As the Director of Beverage, responsible for the bar programs of all of JNK Concepts’ properties, Rob Holder had to make sure he had a firm grip on the health of their flagship concept. Experienced with systems like pen-and-paper spreadsheets but seeing an opportunity when coming across BevSpot, he made the bold decision to install BevSpot within Roka Akor.

I was looking for something with continual evolution and an in-user experience that coincides with what people are using today like cellphones.”

Since making the call to adopt BevSpot, Rob has seen improvements across the board. Not only have all of the locations seen reduced inventory time, they’ve developed more effective ordering and purchasing decisions.

Since implementing the software, our cost of goods have improved due to the hyper-awareness of pricing from the added invoice scrutiny. Our managers are purchasing wiser.”

Find out how BevSpot has helped Rob leverage his data to make profitable decisions across all restaurant locations.

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