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9 Bar and Restaurant Types & Their Top-Selling Beverage Brands

By Stephen Ngo

We’ve looked at the data behind all our customers before, but not all of them are alike.

In our previous BevSpot data posts, we’ve given you a peek at the top‑selling beverage products across the bar and restaurant industry. We’ve compared beer, wine and spirits, and broken down spirits to find the most-ordered brands.

Now, we’re taking a closer look at the types of bars and restaurants we work with.

BevSpot partners with a wide variety of establishments, ranging from nano-breweries, country clubs, wine bars and even Mexican-themed cocktail bars. And, while some of the best-selling beverages are popular in many kinds of bars and restaurants, every type of establishment has a few unique favorites that are popular with its specific customer base.

By taking a look at the highest-trafficked brands for a group of establishments, we can get a sense of how their patrons’ purchasing habits differ. 

We analyzed the order data of nine different bar and restaurant types to understand how their top-selling products vary.

Top-selling brands for breakfast and brunch establishments

This breakdown illustrates a few popular options for a boozy brunch menu: coffee, mimosas, sangria and a whole lot of other cocktails.

But what do these top-selling products mean for breakfast and brunch restaurants around the country?

We dig into the data in the full report, where breakfast and brunch is just the beginning.

Download now

Download the report to see the full list of nine different types of bars and restaurants and the beverage brands they ordered most.

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