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Customer Stories: HOBNOB Food + Social Exchange

By Reggie Woo

HOBNOB, which just got its start this past March, is the dream establishment of its owners. Even when they opened the highly successful Candy Apple Café & Cocktails, nestled deep in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, HOBNOB was on their mind. With its global flair but local focus, the establishment has also been an integral part of bringing new culinary life to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Jacksonville.

Marlon Hall, the Bar Manager at HOBNOB, has been responsible for crafting a high-end cocktail program to feature alongside their full beer and wine program. Having managed other bars in the past, his goal was to take away the frustrations he felt managing inventory with previous pen-and-paper systems, so he could focus more on building relationships with new guests as well as overseeing the bigger picture of the new enterprise.

With BevSpot, Marlon has been able to see an 80% reduction in inventory time. He has also been able to keep his team focused on the bottom line, which is critical for a new establishment, with the tools BevSpot provided:

[It’s] helping me not only train my staff to be better bartenders, but also to think like bar managers. So, when they’re playing around with a new cocktail, it’s not just ‘does this taste good?’, it’s ‘is this profitable for us? Will we be able to sustain getting these ingredients at a reasonable cost, and how does this help the business move forward?’”

Discover how BevSpot was able to help Marlon reach his goals and beyond.

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