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BevSpot Raises Series B Funding Round of $11 Million

By BevSpot

We have some big news.

Today, we announced our Series B funding round of $11 million. It’s been quite a year, having closed our Series A funding round one year ago, making us the fastest-funded tech company in the beverage space.

This funding means huge things for both the beverage industry as a whole and the bar owners, distributors and suppliers within it. It allows us to continue to grow our world class team and improve our product to ensure we’re fitting the needs of everyone in the hospitality industry, helping operators of restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs everywhere be as successful and profitable as possible. 

Less than two years ago, we set out to change the way the entire food and beverage industry operates, and with this funding, we’re well on our way.

We couldn’t be more appreciative of our team, our customers and, of course, Bain Capital Ventures and our other investors.

Read more on VentureBeat.

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